Piece by Piece: Making Health Connections

General Questions Q&A

Why are you conducting this study?

Young adults smoke cigarettes at a higher rate than people from all other age groups.  Programs to help young adult smoking have had limited success.  The purpose of this study is to find out how smoking and not smoking fits into the daily lives of young adults.  We also want to learn about the many factors that may influence young adults’ attitudes towards and experiences with cigarette smoking. Why is it that some young adults have never smoked?  Why do some people who started smoking as teenagers continue smoking into adulthood, whereas others quit? How do other health habits relate to cigarette smoking? With the information gathered from this study, we hope to develop more effective smoking prevention, stop smoking, and general health programs for young adults.

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How are participants selected?

The existing participants who will be invited to complete extended Health Connections research study projects because they have been a part of this study for the past four or five years.  There were approximately 1200 participants in the Health Connections research study during the first five years, and we are asking all of these existing participants to continue their involvement in this next part of the study.  Participants in this study have different levels of experience with smoking; some have never smoked, some have experimented with cigarettes at one time or another, some smoke regularly, and some have quit smoking. 

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How are appointments scheduled?

Existing participants may contact the Piece-by-Piece: Making Health Connection study team by calling our toll free study hotline at (866) 413 – 8824 or emailing healthconnectionsstudy@uic.edu to schedule appointments at convenient times. Research staff will also contact existing participants through phone calls or email to invite their continued participation and schedule appointments.  The new projects will start in fall 2010.  Please visit the individual Health Connection study project links for more scheduling information.

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Who will see study responses?

All information provided by participants is kept completely private and confidential. Access to participant study responses is limited to authorized project staff, so no one else, will have access to this information. Any information that identifies individuals will not be released or published.

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Will participants receive compensation?

Yes. Participants will receive a cash incentive for successfully completing various Health Connection Study projects. All participants will be asked to continue with the Health Habits and Genetics projects.  A subset of participants will be asked to complete the Electronic Diary and Smoking & Emotions components. Visit the individual Health Connection study project links for more information.

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Can I receive the study results?

Yes, we will on this website we provide the overall study findings after the data is analyzed.  Please continue to visit our website for updates.

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