Piece by Piece: Making Health Connections

Genetics Q&A

Why are you conducting this study?

We would like to better understand the genetic contribution to cigarette smoking among young adults.  Recent research with older adults has identified a relationship between cigarette smoking and certain genetic combinations.  The purpose of this project is to see if that relationship between genetics and smoking also exists among a diverse group of young adults.
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What does this study involve?

Participants will be asked at least once to provide a saliva sample by spitting into a small plastic container until the desired amount is obtained (about 2 teaspoons).  This will take no longer than one-two minutes.  We may ask you to provide an additional sample at another study visit if laboratory procedures fail when analyzing your sample of for quality control purposes.  Project personnel will collect this sample from you during one of your other Piece by Piece Making Health Connections study visits.  Participants will meet with research staff at our UIC research office, a college/university location, or a community center.   If you do not live in the Chicagoland area or cannot schedule an in-person meeting, we will mail you all the needed materials, along with directions and a packet to mail the material back to our research office.

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How are participants selected for this project?

We plan to invite all existing Health Connection study participants to participate in this genetic study.  Participants in this study have different levels of experience with smoking; some have never smoked, some have experimented with cigarettes at one time or another, some smoke regularly, and some have quit smoking.
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What if I move? May I continue the genetics portion of the study?

Yes, you may continue to participate in the genetic marker study if you move out of the Chicago area.  If you move outside of the Chicago Metropolitan area and do not have plans to return to Chicagoland we will mail you all the needed materials, along with directions and a packet to mail the material back to our research office.  Upon receipt of your saliva sample, provided two teaspoons were collected, we will mail your incentive check. 
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Will I be paid for my participation?

Yes, you will receive payment for participation.  You will be $20 for providing a saliva sample. If you are asked to provide an additional sample and do so, you will receive an additional $20.
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Will I be sent the results of this study when the study is finished?

No, you will not receive the results of the genetic analyses.  Although we are not sharing individual genetic results with participants, we will share general information about the overall study findings through our project webpage and newsletters.
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