Piece by Piece: Making Health Connections

About “Electronic Diary”

In the past five years approximately 400 participants who also completed the Health Habits study project carried a hand-held palm pilot computer or the Electronic Diary (ED) for 7 days in a row.  In the current study we will invite up to 400 existing study participants to take part in this project.  Some people who carried ED in the past will be asked again, but we will also invite participants who have not done this in the past.  Participants in this study will have different levels of experience with smoking; some have never smoked, some have experimented with cigarettes at one time or another, some smoke more regularly, and some have quit smoking.

The responses participants provide during brief series of questions prompted by ED throughout the day help us learn how they spent their time, who they spent their time with, and what their moods were like. We also learn when they smoked or decided not to smoke.

STUDY RESULTS: We plan to post study results here in the future.