Piece by Piece: Making Health Connections

About the Project

The Health Connections Study aims to learn more about the health habits and smoking patterns from adolescence through adulthood.  Following our current young adult participants from teens into adulthood provides an extensive and important understanding of smoking patterns over time.  We hope to use the results of this research to develop better health promotion programs for adolescents and adults. Between 2005-06, we enrolled a little more than 1200 teens from the Chicago area, along with their parents, into our research study. Some of these teens had never smoked, some had smoked once or twice, and others smoked more often. The study has been underway for the past five years, with some portions of the study completed and others just beginning


Health Connections Study Projects:

  1. Health Habits: Questionnaires and interviews
  2. Electronic Diary: Hand-held computers carried for a week
  3. Smoking and Emotions: More information on this project will be coming soon
  4. Genetics: Collecting saliva samples

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