Piece by Piece: Making Health Connections
Piece by Piece: Making Health Connections is a research project focused on understanding how health-related behaviors develop from adolescence to adulthood. Our focus is on behaviors that promote health and well-being as well as on those that can harm health. Our primary area of study is cigarette smoking –answering the questions of why some people never smoke, why some try and then easily stop; and why others try and continue to smoke or become addicted.  In order to answer these questions, we need a better understanding of how smoking cigarettes relates to the social, emotional, and physical aspects of life.  We are also interested in learning how individual genetics may influence smoking behavior.

STUDY UPDATE: We received a grant from the National Cancer Institute to continue this project and have several new study components starting fall 2010.
If you participated in this project in the past, please contact us to schedule study visits  or update your contact information.
866-413-8824 (toll-free)

This research program is led by Dr. Robin Mermelstein and her colleagues at the Institute for Health Research and Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This research program is funded by the National Cancer Institute grant #CA098262.